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API of 839 !!
At Bates Elementary School, we are committed to moving our students forward academically and helping all learners succeed at their grade level standards and beyond.  Our commitment, from students, parents, teachers, and all staff is evidenced by our continuous academic growth over the past ten years.  The students from Bates Elementary have exceeded the state expectation of 800 on the Academic Performance Index (API) for the 5th year in a row! Based on their scores from the Spring 2013 STAR Test (CST/CMA), Bates students received an API score of 839!  That is an increase of 1 point from 2012.   In a Similar Schools Ranking of 100 schools similar to Bates, we received a score of 10 out of 10.  Only 1 school had a higher API score than Bates Elementary!  Congratulations to all Viking students for their hard work and a warm thank you to all parents, relatives, community members, and especially school staff who have helped make this great achievement possible.

Bates Elementary School is one of only 90 schools in California to be awarded the 2010 AND 2011 Title I Academic Achievement Award.  We are very excited about this award as it acknowledges our intense commitment to learning.  This award recognizes the great efforts of all staff members, parents, and of course, the wonderful Bates students. 

To meet the criteria for this distinction, the school must demonstrate that all students are making significant progress toward proficiency on California's academic content standards. Additionally, the school's socioeconomically disadvantaged students must have doubled the achievement targets set for them for two consecutive years. For more information about the Title I Academic Achievement Awards please visit the CDE Web page at: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/aa/index.asp.

Bates Elementary School is one of only 484 public elementary schools to be awarded the 2010 California Distinguished School Award.  All of us at Bates are extremely proud of this accomplishment and the hard work put in by parents, students, and staff to qualify us for this rare award. 

The Distinguished Schools Program, focuses on California‚Äôs students and their entitlement to an equitable and rigorous education. The recognition program awards schools that are in the upper half of the statewide distribution of Academic Performance Index (API) scores; have met API growth targets and federal Adequate Yearly Progress requirements; are narrowing the achievement gap; and are implementing the priorities of state and federal accountability programs. The schools identified serve as models of achievement for other schools.  For more information about the California Distinguished School Award, please visit the CDE Web page at: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/cs/

Bates Elementary School is one of 527 schools in California to be awarded the 2011 California Business for Education Excellence Award.  This is our 3rd straight year being recognized as a CBEE Star School!  As a member of this Honor Roll and as a CBEE Star School, we continue to be proud to be recognized for the hard work, effort, dedication, and commitment to high achievement for all of our students. 

The Honor Roll is the premier school recognition program in California that uses hard data, individual school and student subgroup performance data based on the California Standards Tests, to evaluate school academic performance over time. Schools that reach the Honor Roll have met a rigorous standard of increasing and sustaining grade level proficiency over four years and closing achievement gaps when they exist. For more information about the California Business for Education Excellence Award, pleas visit the Web page at: http://www.cbeefoundation.org/honor_roll.html


Please follow the following link for access to the 2012-2013 Bates Parent/Student Handbook:

/home/CA34674136033641/2012-2013%20BATES%20Student-Parent%20Handbook.pdf 2012-2013 BATES Student-Parent Handbook.pdf 

Please follow the following link for access to the 2013-2014 River Delta Unified School District Handbook:

/home/CA34674136033641/District%20Handbook%20and%20Registration%20Packet%202013-2014%20English.doc District Handbook and Registration Packet 2013-2014 English.doc 

/home/CA34674136033641/District%20Handbook%20and%20Registration%20Packet%202013-2014%20SPANISH.doc District Handbook and Registration Packet 2013-2014 SPANISH.doc

Committed to Our Community

Our website provides important information and updates for parents and students, helps teach our students about applying technology for their success, and provides valuable resources for the entire Bates Elementary School community.

Bates School is an Accelerated Reader Enterprise Site

Accelerated Reader and Renaissance Place has been implemented here in at Bates for many years now. For your reference, we have supplied FAQ and other information on the Accelerated Reader program.

We would also like to introduce Renaissance Home Connect. It is a new feature that Renaissance Learning has made available for parents to track how their students are performing with their AR (Accelerated Reader) goals, and also the books they have read and their corresponding score on the quizzes.

Renaissance Place FAQ and Info

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